Long View Systems


Long View Systems - 19,579 SF

Long View Systems entered the U.S. market in 2005 by opening an office in an executive suite in Downtown Denver. Over a two year period they had expanded so much that the executive suite could no longer house them. In 2007, our team was engaged to locate and negotiate for a new, 10,000 square foot location in a nearby building. Four years later the client had again outgrown their space and our team went to work on finding a solution. With one and a half years remaining on their lease term, and the market moving in the direction of favoring the landlord, finding a solution required creative negotiations.


Long View Sytems’ Denver operations had two functions: management/sales and a network operations center (NOC). It was decided that if needed, the client could pull their NOC outside of Downtown and house it in a less costly facility elsewhere, although this was not the preference as it would have disrupted Long View’s great culture. Our team set out to convice the landlord that if certain economic and qualitiative terms were not met, Longview would relocate their NOC, allowing them more breathing room for management and sales, and wait out the remaining lease term. They would then “go to market” at the appropriate time and most likely move out of the building.


The client signed a long-term lease for a full floor in the building at favorable lease rates and terms, including a large amount of free rent, allowing them to grow into the space over time. Our team has since been engaged to assist the client as they expand throughout the United States.

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