Columbia College


Columbia CollegeColumbia College has a long history of running successful campuses in 35 locations across the county.  They have resided in Aurora, Colorado for many years, drawing students from all parts of the Denver Metro area.  After partnering with us to conduct a thorough study of the neighborhood to see if it still supported their overall image and growth strategy, it was decided that considering relocation was necessary.


The service delivery team was tasked with helping solidify the specific and critical requirements of the Aurora campus.  Once defined, the classroom layout, access, parking and company branding initiatives helped narrow the list of space alternatives significantly.  While keeping a lease renewal under consideration, a small list of alternate sites was uncovered, and landlords offered significant concessions in an attempt to win the business.  After further negotiation and study of the specific areas in question, the client had to make a very difficult decision to either renew their lease in the current facility at very low rates, or relocate to a different building in a new area that allows them to more effectively serve their students and better support their overall business strategy.


Columbia College signed a long term lease to relocate their campus to the Denver Technological Center area.  The service delivery team achieved such a great deal on their behalf that it became a very easy decision to relocate: including incredibly-low lease rates, free rent, very high tenant improvement dollars,  exterior signage, money for signage, expansion rights and termination rights.

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